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"Economic hotel with capacity for 80 people in downtown Ripoll"

Greenway - Via Verda Ruta del Ferro

Ripoll’s Greenway, connecting the Pyrenes to La Costa Brava, following old train tracks, starts at LA TROBADA HOTEL SPORT street. It’s called Iron and Coal Route, because of the iron and coal mines, located in Ogassa, where the old train was going in order to transport it to Barcelona. In this moment there are 15km exclusively for bikes and pedestrian. It’s an easy path following Ter river, crossing the forest in some points, and it’s easy to follow and to immerse in nature.

  • Distance 15 km
  • Inclination  3%
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Pavement: Asphalt
  • Highest point: 777 m (St. Joan Abadesses)
  • Lowest point: 682 m (Ripoll)

Road Bike

La Trobada Hotel Sport it’s a perfect base camp for road bikers. We are used to welcome road bike professional teams during Volta Catalunya, and we also have many cyclists visiting us, solos, with friends and with groups because our strategic location, close to different mountain ports: Vallter 2.000, Coll de La Creueta, Coll de Canes,…

We offer free, private and secure parking for bikes. For those who want to even sleep with the bike we offer 3 rooms located at ground floor

Mountain Bike

La Trobada Hotel Sport surrounding it’s mountainous, with lots of ancient and little paths, that used to be the connection between towns, houses and neighbourhoods. Nowadays all those paths, many of them still without artificial pavements, make a perfect network for mountain biking.

We should say that, thanks to electric bikes, it’s possible to practice mountain bike although you have not an important training. 

Amb l’arribada de les bicicletes de muntanya amb motor, aquesta modalitat, que quedava reservada només a les persones més ben entrenades, es fa accesible al gran públic.


For those who make long bike trips, bringing all necessary on the saddlebags, will find in LA TROBADA HOTEL SPORT a perfect place for recovery and prepare the next stage. We have secure bike parking, as well as space for clothes laundry and dryer.

Having bath at rivers and natural pools

Our topography create many little waterfalls and small natural pools where we can have bath with good weather. We love our rivers and we will recommend according to your preferences a perfect place for you

La Trobada Hotel Sport with Kids

Our family hotel spirit it’s present in our hotel, and your kids will be happy with us! Our big staying room will be a perfect place for playing, reading or even studying! Our environment it’s perfect for discover the forests and nature, and to make different excursions according to different possibilities. There are also some special plans for Kids around us: Vall de Nuria and MollóPark are perfect family plans!


Our location in the middle of the Pyrenees it’s perfect for hiking. Just going out from LA TROBADA HOTEL SPORT we can recommend you 4 nice top hikes, about 8-10km, or even long walk to Taga, Puigmal, Balandrau, Costabona, Gra de Fajol, Bastiments… We will be happy to give you some tips J!

Touring / Cross / Trial with motorbike

LA TROBADA HOTEL SPORT it’s a perfect place to stop over your bike trip, as well as a good base point for touring along Catalunya, Andorra and France. Many bikers stay at LA TROBADA HOTEL SPORT when crossing all the Pyrenee to La Costa Brava. We will always welcome you with a beer!


Ripoll’s Monastery Romanic Façade, popularly known as the ‘stone Bible’, it’s candidate to become part from UNESCO world heritage, and it’s one of the main Romanic sets all over Catalunya. Moreover, you will be able to visit a lot of different romanic chapels and monasterys. Some of our preferred ones are ‘El Palau de l’Abadia’, in San Joan de les Abadesses, Monestir de Sant Pere, in Camprodon, Santa Cecília, in Molló and Santa Magdalena in Pardines.

Concerts, fests and fairs

In Ripoll and our area there are different concerts, fests and fairs. We should talk about Clownia, Inspira, La Fira de Les 40 hores, and all the local fests in different towns from the area as well as specialized fairs (Biscuits, Honey, Potato…). We will keep you updated from all the events in town !


Check in & Attention:

Our front office it’s located at Passeig Honorat Vilamanyà 4, Ripoll (50 meters away). Our pesonalized front office attention is from Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 10:30am and from 16:00pm to  20:00pm. Sundays from 8:00am to 11.00am and from 20:00pm to 21:00pm

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